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一方天地  浮华之上

                                                           Carpet weaving family heritage, from the industry designer.

                                                   WEAVING PROCESS
                                                           rom the famous family, production, technology skills. Careful people will find some in the
                                                           corner and makes a tapestry woven with the crooked "Hook Man", that is weaving those
                                                           "Logo". Like a painter with a signature painting .

                                                           The material can be divided into: pure silk, silk and wool, cotton, the price of the order
                                                           descending order.

                                                           The extent and complexity of the design patterns used in weaving the time, a common
                                                           tapestry requires one or two years to complete.

                                                   PATTERN MATCHING
                                                           The pattern matching, the more over-color weave up more trouble.

                                                   WOVEN BLANKET WITH A "YARN" THICKNESS THAT IS "ROWS".
                                                           Rows" refers to the length of every seven centimeters contained "yarn" of the number,
                                                           "Rows" the greater the number of representatives of "yarn" finer, only the best raw materials
                                                           to processed finest "yarn." General carpet 60 Rows on the good, landscape tapestries 60 ~
                                                           80 Rows, character class tapestries need 80 ~ 100 Rows, "The Last Supper" photograph of
                                                           pure silk is 160 Rows.

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