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          C             arpet weaving history                          Carpet weaving in the history of the West has been subordinated
                                                                       to the East. For too long, elegant floor carpet as jewelry, have been
                                                                       used to enhance the beauty of interior decoration. For centuries,
                                                                       oriental handmade carpets origin mainly in Persia (now Iran), Turkey,
                                                                       the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, India, Pakistan, Nepal and China and
                                                                       other regions. People in these countries diligence, wisdom, and for
                                                                       generations engaged in carpet weaving. They are no longer an ordinary
                                                                       knit, but at a time of inspiration condensed works of art, reflecting the
                                                                       weavers of artistic inspiration and imagination, carrying a long history
                                                                       of ethnic and traditional culture.
                                                                       Persian carpets are renowned for exquisite workmanship, materials
                         来,地毯作为优雅的地面饰品,一直用来加强室                         used sophisticated, strong visual effects known. The earliest hand-
                         内的装饰美感。几个世纪以来,东方手工地毯的                         knotted rugs appeared in 4 or 5th century BC, about Persian
                                                                       handmade carpet not recorded in history books situation continued
                         产地主要集中在波斯(今伊朗)、土耳 其、高加索、
                                                                       until the 16th century, the golden age of handmade carpets from the
                         土库曼斯坦、印度、巴基斯坦、 尼泊尔和中国等                        treasures left behind by a small amount, we can infer, Persian rugs
                         地区,其中以波斯挂毯以他的悠久历史,精湛的                         are the most beautiful in Sa Weide dynasty (1499-1722) produced, then
                                                                       handmade carpet weaving through the full development and excel.
                         家勤劳、智慧的 人民,祖祖辈辈从事地毯的织造。                       Persian tapestries known as "carpet painting ", in Sa Weide dynasty
                                                                       emerged in many hand-woven centers such as famous Isfahan, Tabriz,
                         它们已不再 是普通的编织品,而是灵感在一时间
                                                                       Coleman and Qassam etc., which is mainly on benefit the Iranian
                         凝结而成 的艺术品,体现了编织者的艺术灵感和                        people rich and long cultural heritage and medieval Persian splendid
                         想象力, 承载着一个民族悠久的历史和传统文化。                       culture.
                                                                       In the late 17th century, especially in the mid-18th century, because of
                         最早的手工打结地毯出现在公元前 4 或 5 世纪,                     the invasion of Afghanistan (1721--1722), Sa Weide dynasty gradually
                                                                       decline, which deeply affected the entire Persian culture and art of
                                                                       carpet weaving. This is also the reason for the decline of hand-woven
                         持续到 16 世纪手工地毯的黄金时期,从少量遗                       art. 18th century Arts & Crafts style reflects the lack of years of war in
                         留下的珍品中我们可以推断出,最美丽的波斯地                         this period. 19th century Western countries due to increased demand,
                                                                       especially Tabriz carpet dealer basars constantly carpet exports to
                         毯是在撒威德王朝时期 (1499-1722) 生产出来                   Europe, which greatly promoted the development of Persian carpet
                         的,这时手工地毯编织工艺经过充分发展而日臻                         industry. Build a lot of carpet shops in the UK, Germany and the
                                                                       United States business operations, Iran's carpet Awards again.


                         在 17 世纪末期,特别是 18 世纪中叶的时候,由
                         于阿富汗的入侵 ( 1721 - 1722 ) 、 撒威德王朝
                         因。 18 世纪的工艺品缺少风格反映出这一时期
                         的连年战争。 19 世纪由于西洋诸国需求的增加,
                         尤其是塔伯利兹 basars 的地毯经销商不断的向
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