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一方天地  浮华之上

            从三次崛起到建立帝国统治,从屡次扩张衰亡到被其他帝国所征                               From three rising to establishing imperial rule, from the repeated
                                                                       expansion of the decline to be conquered by other empires, however,
                                                                       it is this rise and fall of the Persian Empire, the Persian civilization
            和多样性。公元前 550 年,波斯诸部落的首领阿契美尼斯家族推                            makes more inclusive and diversity. 550 BC, the Persian tribes
            翻迷迪王朝的统治,建立了波斯“第一帝国”,使原本不为人知                               Archaemenid chiefs overthrew Midi Nice family dynasty's rule, and
                                                                       established a Persian "First Empire", so that the original unknown
            的波斯文明从此走上了历史舞台,并影响了以后 2500 年的人类                            Persian civilization was put on the stage of history, and affected the
            文明。                                                        future of human civilization in 2500.
                                                                       Persian tapestries are a witness to this ancient civilization, Medieval
            波斯地毯是这一古老文明的见证者,中世纪的萨法维王朝第三次                               Safavid dynasty after the third empire in Persia ,Persian tapestries
            在波斯建立帝国之后将波斯地毯载入史籍。统治者阿巴斯大帝将                               were loaded historical records. Abbas, the Great Persian ruler, has
                                                                       developed the unprecedented heights with Persia art , this period of
            波斯艺术发展了史无前例的高度,这个时期的波斯帝国成为了世                               the Persian empire became the center of world pilgrimage. Persian
            界朝圣的中心。波斯地毯更被作为意义重大的礼物,馈赠给欧洲                               tapestries were more significant gift, a gift to the rulers of European
                                                                       countries, it means the moral rights of the eternal and supreme
                                                                       empire, thus Persian tapestries entered the world's most glorious
            入世界最辉煌的宫殿与建筑中。                                             palaces and buildings.
                                                                       Today,many Persian tapestries carrying the rise and fall the royal
            今天,一张张承载着皇室贵族兴衰史的波斯地毯,最终被世界各                               history , eventually collected by museum  around the world, and those
            地的博物馆所收藏,而那些曾经为宫廷编织地毯的伟大家族仍然                               who weave tapestries for the court is still the continuation of the great
                                                                       family tradition grandparents, keep their carpets purest faith, they
                                                                       believe that every one out of the hands of the Persian  will eventually
            每一张出自手中的波斯地毯终将会再次迎来属于他们的王者。                                belong to their king again.
                            “我,居鲁士,世界之王,伟大的王”                            "I am Cyrus, king of the world, great king."
                                                                                       - Persian "First Empire" Cyrus the Great,

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