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一方天地  浮华之上

                                                                                            Sherlock Holmes Museum

                                               17 世纪初罕见的波斯地毯在纽约天价拍卖成交

                                               AT THE BEGINNING OF SEVENTEENTH CENTURY RARE PERSIAN
                                               CARPET PRICE AUCTION IN NEW YORK

                                               纯手工的波斯地毯有极高的收藏价值和升                  Pure handmade Persian carpets have a high
                                                                                   collection value and appreciation of space,
                                               值空间,2013 年 6 月初,一张 17 世纪
                                                                                   at the beginning of 2013 6, a rare Persian
                                               罕见 的波斯手织地毯在纽约拍卖,结果,                 carpet seventeenth Century auction in New
                                               这张至少 500 万美金估价的地毯以 3370             York, results, this piece of at least $5000000
                                                                                   valuation carpet for the $33700000 hammer
                                               万美金落槌成交。这个足以在伦 敦上流                  transactions. This is enough to buy a set price
                                               住宅区买套大宅子的成交价格, 成为波                  mansion in London Mayfair, become the first
                                                                                   beat Persian carpet industry, this has been 400
                                               斯地毯业界的第一拍,这张已有 400 年
                                                                                   years of history of the Persian carpet is a kind
                                               历史的波斯地毯更是一种文化的传承                    of cultural heritage

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